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From RollingStones.com>


>>> The reality of the music business is that almost all musicians have a past. Although it may seem that so many of today's pop acts are overnight sensations, chances are that unless the average age of your favorite band is twelve, the members of that group have done time in cover bands, bar bands, club bands or any combination thereof. Vitamin C is no exception. The singer, whose real name is Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick, just happened to do her pre-fame stint in a nationally signed alternative band that went by the witty name of Eve's Plum (named after Eve Plumb, the actress who played Jan Brady on The Brady Bunch).


Fitzpatrick's ascent to Teen People cover girl has been all the more remarkable in the music industry because of her public past in the alternative music scene. The metamorphosis from lead singer of a semi-anonymous club band to teen pop star is one that would not only do famous music chameleons David Bowie and Madonna proud, but even Franz Kafka would be impressed.

With the release of the aptly titled More, her second solo album under the name of Vitamin C, Fitzpatrick could've laid to rest her alternative past if she so desired. But Fitzpatrick seems to have gone the other route; embracing her songwriting roots and even introducing a new generation to the sassy, playful Waitresses' classic "I Know What Boys Like." The result is a much stronger album than her debut; one that is sexier, more confident and much more musically diverse. Fitzpatrick, who recently had a starring role in the film Dracula 2000 and will appear in the Kirsten Dunst flick Get Over It and Metal God with Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston, is, in her words, "Having a great time these days." With More's first single, "The Itch" cracking the Top Ten, she's also proven her debut success was no fluke.


Where did "The Itch" come from?

 "The Itch" was an accident. I responded to [co-writer] Billy Steinberg's lyric because I thought even though we set it in this particular story of a girl in a relationship who isn't getting what she needs, it's really a metaphor for desire. Everything just coincided without my realizing it. I was playing Lucy in Dracula 2000, and she's a character who is totally open, sexual and curious and definitely has "The Itch" on many different levels. And it was just coincidence that all this stuff kind of like came together for me. Because I get the itch all the time. And to me that really means something.

What is it like for you when "The Itch" comes calling?

 You know that weird cat dance that cats do late at night where they go completely stir-crazy and they run around the apartment and you don't know what the hell they're doing? I often feel like that. I dye my hair constantly because I can't sit still with one hair color. That's a perfect example of trying to satisfy some hunger. I want change; I want constant stimuli. I love to fly because I love the high. All of these are like itch kind of things. Sometimes I need to completely get away. I'll get in the car and I'll drive for as long as I can drive. Sometimes it's a sexual urge. I don't need to explain that; it's pretty self-explanatory. It's a craving, a desire. Sometimes it's food. I'm just a giant, big ol' consumer. I want, I need, I crave, I can't say no. I have no control and I'm a complete control freak. It's just crazy [laughs].

How do acting and music do to complement each other?

 I'm not quite sure that I know how they complement each other, because I use them for the opposite reason. I find music to be an intensely personal kind of thing, perhaps it's because I write a lot of the stuff. I use acting to escape from being me, and I use music to explore being me. I think that's the best way to put it.

You mention writing, which is interesting because you come from a rock & roll world where people mostly write their own lyrics. Now you're in a world where that's not the case. Has it been difficult to marry the two worlds?

 I haven't found it difficult because I find this very enjoyable. It's really challenging. And I'm really proud of the record because it's a really good record. There's nothing harder than to write a pop record with meaning. I think it's much easier to be alternative. It's much easier to be different and take a different path outside of a commercial context. To try and write a pop song that is not cliché, to try and write a pop song that has meaning and fits in under three minutes and five seconds and has a hook that people want to listen to is the most difficult thing in the world to do. So in lieu of that you have to write what you know and what you like, what you're feeling. That's all I can basically do. I don't begrudge the other people that don't write their songs. And I don't judge them. I'd like to see more people writing their own songs, because that's just personally what I like. Just for me, as an artist, so many people only care about being popular right now. Whatever happened to trying to write a song that means something? When I was growing up, artists meant something. They had opinions, they looked different than the person working at the store on your street. They opened your eyes and taught you something about life. And I would like to aspire to be that kind of artist.

What did you learn from the writing of this album?

 I learned I'm not the kind of artist that can just sing someone else's songs, for a lot of reasons. I have to have some sort of understanding of the song, or some sort of attachment to it.

(February 27, 2001)



>>> Pop singer/actress Vitamin C, who already has a Mattel doll made in her likeness and an eponymous Tommy Hilfiger lipstick in her chosen shade of orange has now been made into a video game character for EA Sports' Triple Play.

"It's an odd connection but I'm a baseball fan and EA Sports has a baseball game," she says. "I have a song in that and I'm going to appear as a player in the New York Yankees."

While she jokes that her doll was fashioned into a better-looking version of herself ("I had some improvements," she chuckles), she hasn't seen the final rendering of her animated self. "It's not completed yet, but I think I'm gonna sing and dance, then I'm also going to bat," she says, laughing. "I was afraid it was going to be like fourth grade all over again. No one will pick me for their team." Vitamin C didn't record a new tune for the game, instead EA Sports will be using her cover of "I Know What Boys Like," which appears on her new album, More.

(March 9, 2001)


>>> After taking her leave from the pop/punk outfit Eve's Plum, Colleen Fitzpatrick adopted the name Vitamin C and a slightly different musical direction, performing dance-pop that still reflected a variety of influences and her quirky sense of humor.

Elektra signed her in 1998 and released her self-titled debut the following year. The album Vitamin C produced a couple of major singles: "Smile" hit big in the summer of '99, while the sentimental anthem "Graduation (Friends Forever)" took off in the spring of the following year, just in time to become the musical accompaniment to graduation ceremonies around the country.

In early 2001, Elektra released Vitamin C's sophomore effort, More.



Article 1 >>>

Vitamin C is kicking off 2000 the same way she exited ’99. Burning up the pop charts with sun
kissed sonnets and ‘it-girl’ deals as she continues her ascension as pop’s premier poster girl.
Busy as a B, this C, with two Top 40 singles under her belt (Last year’s smash "Smile," and the
contagious "Me, Myself, And I"), as well as a flurry of projects that would make even the
material girl envious. The coming months will see VC ushering in Tommy Hilfiger’s Vitamin C
Lipstick (orange of course) and her very own Mattel doll (some want to call it mini-me myself
and I) as well as the launch of her third single, the poignant "Graduation," to be released just in
time for the spring ritual.You think it would have been hard to top ’99. VC completed a sold out
tour last fall with pop sensation 98 Degrees, as well as an unforgettable romp through Europe and
Asia. (pics from the trek will be posted here soon) She became a media darlin’ in ’99, gracing the
stages of a myriad of TV shows, including The Tonight Show, The Teen Choice Awards,
The Rosie O’ Donnell Show, and the Billboard Music Awards. VC also tried her hand at
Pokemon, contributing her bouncy "vacation" to the best selling soundtrack.
Not bad for a girl from South Jersey way. The self described
"girl-next-door-you-think-you-know" hails from Old Bridge, NJ. People magazine crowed: "she
sounds more East London, having gleaned the trill and bouncy hooks…and acute pop sensibilities
from the Brit pop exports of the ‘70’s and ‘80’s." VC recalls fondly spicing up the old record
collection. "It contained what we called the B’s - Beach Boys, Beatles, Blondie - " She pauses
for dramatic effect, " - and the Breeders...." Her quick laugh fills the room. "Well, maybe I was
the girl next door and a little left of center." On her self-titled premier, she cleverly mines pop’s
past and present, utilizing some unique producers to help expand her coat-of-many-colors approach, offering up 12 eclectic gems inthe process.





Article 2 >>>
"I started out as a dancer. I’ve always loved to dance," she says matter-of-factly. VC’s early showbiz dreams led to a few acting roles. Eventually she decided she wanted to play music. It absorbed her. She began to like the idea of being in a band. "It’s funny, but I always found no matter what band I was in, even if it had a slightly more frayed edge to it, I was drawn to the more tongue in
cheek elements, but it always had to have that edge."
She discovered that precise chemistry in the plucky Eve’s Plum. After a grateful run, and two acclaimed LP’s, she would exit the band on good terms, excited about the prospects of going solo. Her dream was to combine a lot of her unrealized, "more playful/optimistic" notions into one persona, Vitamin C.
In 1998, She landed a development deal with Elektra. "I felt really good about it. I felt I had the experience to take artistic control and prove that this album could be an extension of my vision, as well as the sum of everything I had learned along the way." Sr. VP of A&R for Elektra, Josh Deutsch, (Third Eye Blind, Alana Davis, Vast) recognized Vitamin C’s vision right from the start. Josh’s background includes both production and writing experience, including a stint as a songwriter for EMI publishing. The two became instant collaborators, with Josh co-writing and producing several of the tracks with Vitamin C.  Deutsch helped enlist other producers. One of them, Garry Hughes (who has worked alongside Trevor Horn for many years) became a mainstay of the project, working with Vitamin C and Deutsch as producer/keyboardist/programmer to help bring more of Vitamin C’s ideas to life.

"It was great working with the different producers," she recalls. "And Josh was the ultimate writing partner because he had an understanding of the big picture. He’s one of those rare, old-fashioned A&R guys who comes from a musician’s point of view. He’s lived through this whole experience himself."

And VC can strike a wistful note when necessary. The album’s closer, "Graduation," touches a chord in anyone who has ever looked back on life’s changes. "It’s about moving on. I used graduation as the setting because it is such a universal and pivotal point in people’s lives. For so many of us it’s both a beginning and an end. We used a real high school choir, NYC’s All City Chorus, to enhance the spirit of the song. When I was talking to the kids in the choir their outlook was inspiring. So many of them believe that they will be ‘friend’s forever.’ I wanted to keep a touch of idealism as part of this album.


Friday, June 16, 2000, Vitamin C talks about vampire role

Vitamin C is spending her days warding off vampires in Toronto.
Colleen Fitzpatrick, who has saturated pop radio with her single "Graduation" from her album "Vitamin C," is taking a short break from her musical career to brave modern vampires in "Wes Craven Presents: Dracula 2000". The movie co-stars Jennifer Esposito ("Spin City") and Christopher Plummer.
"I'm a good girl that kind of goes bad," Colleen says about her role as Lucy in the Dracula update. "It's so hard with a movie like this 'cause you don't wanna give away the plot, but I play the best friend of the woman that Dracula is after."
Colleen, whose trademark yellow/orange hair supports her musical alias, is excited about getting a chance to take on another persona -- although a recent dye job for the movie was a bit traumatic.
"My hair is no longer yellow," she says. "It's like blondish brown. That's kind of scary."
Colleen says she's always been a fan of horror films, and lists "The Exorcist" and "Rosemary's Baby" as her favourites.
Although she's currently spending her time acting, Colleen hasn't forgotten about her musical career. She sounds almost bewildered by the enthusiastic reaction that has greeted "Graduation".
"My high school experience was probably pretty average," she says of the inspiration for the song. "I couldn't wait to get out of high school. I look back on it now much more fondly than I did then. I was concerned about missing my friends and about losing my important relationships. I remember being on the stage at my graduation and being so excited to be finally out of school, and looking around and thinking that I was never going to see half these people again and what a scary feeling that was because I felt that I was on the edge of something really exciting but really unknown."
Colleen goes on to explain that "Graduation" is less a song about caps, gowns and grad rings than about friendship.
"It's a song about the universality of friendship. As you go on, you move on, things change. The attempt and hope is always that you will remain friends forever. It's a celebration of friendship."
According to Colleen, anyone can identify with her song's theme.
"I always joke that the song spans from, like, eight to 38," she says. "The main group [of fans] are between 15 and 22."
This summer Colleen wiil return to the studio and record another album, which she says will still be pop but "a little bit tougher."
Vitamin C hopes to release her first single from the new album in August or September and thinks the album will be in stores by October.
Aside from acting and singing, the citrus-loving singer hopes to someday help shape the career of an up-and-coming musician.
"I would love to produce another artist," she says. "I would love to write and produce for some other people. Part of what I love to do is writing songs. There's just nothing better than when you have something to say and you can say it. That's a big goal of mine."


Friday, January 26, 2001 ,Vitamin C's live chat transcript ByAllPop

On Friday, January 26, 2001, pop & music star Vitamin C sat down with AllPop in Toronto to chat with her fans about her new album, her movies and more. Read the full chat transcript.

Kevin J. Kelly, St. John's, NF: You are making the adjustment from singer to actor. How are you enjoying the acting roles and did you enjoy working with Kirsten Dunst recently in Get Over It?

Vitamin C: yes, I enjoyed working with Kirsten, she appears in the Itch video, and she is really nice. It is not that much of a transition, surprisingly. I think I like music better, because I have more control, but acting is fun because you get to be somebody different. I just basically play myself, a couple of musical numbers. A duet with Sisqo.

Vicki: Hi, VC. Could you talk a bit about making the video for "The Itch". Was it fun, or just hard work? Thanks.

Vitamin C: It was very fun making that video. Most of it was computer generated. So while I was filming it, I was just in front of a giant green screen. It took a bit of imagining, imagination, to see what it was going to turn out like. The dancing was great fun, I don't often get to dance in my videos. I wish everyone could see the full dance number, because it was even better than what you see in the video. That was the most fun I've had in a long time. (the dance will likely be included on tour)

Kellie Stollznow: Why did you choose the name Vitamin C? What gave you the idea for the Graduation song?

Vitamin C: C is my first initial. Vitamin C seemed like a good idea at the time, hahaha. The name is familiar and positive and fun, not to be taken seriously. Graduation I wrote about a friend of mine. It's about transition and about life, my life, looking back on my own high school experience.

Janey: What do you think will be the 'Graduation' type of hit from your new album?

Vitamin C: That' impossible to predict. My favourite tracks are I know what boys like, that was then this is now, sex has come between us and as long as you're loving me, which is the next single.

Eric White: The music on your solo albums is quite different from the music you used to play with your old group. Which type of music is closer to your heart

Vitamin C: I don't think the music is all that different, actually. It is produced and presented in a different way. I don't favour one type of music over another. I like music that is melodic, so I like what I am doing now. I haven't abandoned guitars, I am just a little less angry than I was then. I am still proud of Eve's Plum, and I think they could be Vitamin C songs, and some Vitamin C songs could be Eve's Plum songs. I really like this one, it is the best one of all.

Ellie: Movies, music, what's the next field you'd like to conquer?

Vitamin C: Horseback riding! Just kidding. I would like to continue writing music, I would like to write music for other artists and produce other artists. I would like to work with new artists. I think that would be fun.

Sean: Who is was the one "star" you met that made you tongue-tied. Is there any major musical of movie figure you'd still like to meet?

Vitamin C: I was tongue-tied when I met Simon LeBon. I think I would still like to meet Madonna and Michael Jackson. That would be weird.

X: Why did you decide to have such a change in pace in your track Busted, and what inspired you to do so?

Vitamin C: I was co-writing Busted with a guy named Bloodshy. He sent me the music. I thought it was really cool. I just wrote the song really quickly. It just completely made sense. So I recorded it in LA and it came out, I liked how it came out. It is one of my favourite songs on the record.

Chris: I love your hair.... it looks fabulous on you! What's your natural hair colour and what made you decide to dye it?

Vitamin C: My natural hair colour is blondish, brownish, reddish. I have always been dying my hair as long as I have lived. I have been every single colour. Hair is a good accessory. It will always grow back, you can't screw it up too badly.

Christine_ef: Hi!! I know Dracula 2000 was released recently and I was wondering if you plan be in any more movies or Tv in the future?

Vitamin C: Get Over It. I think I am still in the new movie Rock Star, with Mark Wahlberg.

Julia: How easy was it for you to crack into the business? I mean, did you audition for every movie and make a thousand demos our did you make it right away?

Vitamin C: It took a long time. I played in lots of bands before my first band was signed. Then that band didn't have widespread success. I became Vitamin C after that. So it has taken a long time. There is a lot of ups and downs.

silvia and friends : how do you react to fans who stop you on the street? last nite I saw a fan, who just happened to have a photograph of you and camera handy, stop you on yonge street and have you pose for a photograph with him. while you appeared to not be bothered by it, do you ever find it intrusive/tedious?

Vitamin C: I always stop for fans. I always take pictures. I think it is great to meet people. If you don't want to be recognised, there are plenty of ways not to be recognised. I am a friendly person and it is cool to meet people

thao tran: are you happy with the way your goin??? are you having a tour or concert in sydney???? I know this Isn't a question but I would like to say you are a great singer n a great inspiration for younger singers I LOVE YOU YOU RULE N BUY THE WAY YOUR FRIENDS FOREVER SONG MADE A GREAT YEAR SIX GRADUATION SONG FOR ME

Vitamin C: I am coming to Australia very soon. End or middle of February. And hopefully I will be performing my new single, as long as you're loving me. I love Australia. I had a great time and I love going back. As for other touring plans, look for something in the summer

X: At the moment I am playing a copy of More on my Cd Player - why has Australia received this great album earlier than say, the rest of the world?

Vitamin C: Because Australia is much cooler than the rest of the world! It comes out Jan. 30 in the US and Canada.

Jenna: What state are you from? Does your hometown have any influence on your music?

Vitamin C: I am from New Jersey, and growing up in New Jersey influenced my personality more than my music. But I am not sure how.

CLEM: Hey C, Just wondering if there's another artist out there whose career you admire and would be happy to emulate -- not in terms of the kind of music you make, but in terms of creativity, stature, influence and longevity?

Vitamin C: There are a few. I would say David Bowie. Bjork. Madonna.

Samir D: In your song, Sex Has Come Between Us, is this a reflection on an actual event, or is it a description of an itch that people come across in their lives?

Vitamin C: I think everyone has had a best friend they have been in love with or had a crush on. Even if you don't act on it, you end up thinking about what would happen if you hooked up. It is based on certain events in my life, but it is a universal topic. A lot of people have gone through it. Okay, it is based on my life!

Louise: I was just wondering how did you become a singer because I want to try to be one can you please help me?

Vitamin C: Let's see. If you want to be a singer, learn how to play an instrument. I would say learn to write songs, try and write your own songs. And when people tell you no, ignore them. And don't get discouraged. If it is what you want to do, as the cliché goes, just do it.

Chris: You're one of my favourite artists because you're multitalented and seem to excel at everything you put your mind to. If you had a choice would you rather write, sing, or produce music?

Vitamin C: I would rather write music than anything else. I always have a lot to say, I have a big mouth, lots of opinions. I feel really good after I finish a song. It gives me a feeling that is really special. Second to that would be performing. It is fun to perform. I think Graduation is one of my favourite songs. There's a song on an old Eve's Plum record called "Lovely YOU' that I think is a good song, about the first love of my life.

Vitamin C: Thanks for chatting. Goodbye for now. Check out the record, I hope you like it. Let me know what you think. Keep in touch, stop by and say hello, don't be a stranger.




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 >Articles from JamShowBiz.com





An internet chat from teenpeople.com>

HostTPZena: Good evening, everyone! We're here tonight with Vitamin C, who is on the cover of this month's TEEN PEOPLE...she just performed at TEEN PEOPLE's What's Next party (you can catch clips at www.teenpeople.com) and she premiered the video for her new single, "The Itch," on TRL last week...She's here to take your questions live....Good evening!


Vitamin C: Hello everyone! Ask away.

Question: Vitamin C, you are soo cool! I saw you in concert last year at Captain's Club House! You were so cool! My question is: If you could do a duet with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?

Vitamin C: Alive -- Robbie Williams. Dead -- Elvis Presley. They're both terrific, charismatic singers that are amazing performers and write great songs (though Elvis didn't write any of his own!)

Question: What's your favorite song on the new album?

Vitamin C: My favorite on my new album is a song called "Sex Has Come Between Us." I think it's a unique song sonically. It's about two friends that fall in love and what happens when a friendship turns into love.

Question: What do you do in your spare time?

Vitamin C: Usually in my spare time, I'm flying on a plane, so I listen to a lot of music. I like to see movies -- I'm a really big movie buff -- and hang out with my friends.

Question: What's the best movie you've seen lately?

Vitamin C: You know what I'd never seen before was "The Ice Storm." It was really good. Actually, I just saw "Charlie's Angels," and I really liked that too. That's the most recent movie I've seen.

Question: Your new single, "The Itch" is DA BOMB!

Vitamin C: Thank you so much! That's one of my favorite songs on the record, and I love to perform it live because I get to dance, which I didn't really get to do on my last record. I have a lot of fun onstage, and the audience really gets into it.

Question: How old were you when you started singing?

Vitamin C: Probably around 16. I actually wanted to write songs more than I wanted to sing because I felt like I had something to say. I used to get all these pent up emotions and I didn't know what to do with them, so i wrote poems. Music was really important to me, like when I had crushes on guys or was doing bad in school, and music meant so much to me that I wanted to express myself through music.

Question: I just want to say that i think you're an awesome singer and that I think you inspire every teen in the world with your music

Vitamin C: Thank you very much. It means a lot to know that people relate to my music and like it, because though I just write it about my life, I consider most of the stuff I write about so universal that I hope it reaches people.

Question: Hey, I just wanted to ask: your song "Graduation-- is that from personal experience? What made you think about writing that?

Vitamin C: I wrote it about my own life, specifically about my best friend. I wrote it about looking back at high school because I always thought I'd be friends forever with so many people, and it's so difficult to actually stay in touch through the years. But friendship is one of the most important things in life.

Question: I love your hair! When are you going on tour?

Vitamin C: I'm hoping to tour in the spring and summer. I didn't tour this summer because I did three movies and I was working on the new record, but I'll be doing some promotional dates this Christmas, so please come see me! Performing is my favorite thing to do.

HostTPZena: Tell us about the movies...

Vitamin C: "Dracula 2000" comes out at Christmas. It's a scary, sexy take on a classic Dracula story set in contemporary times. "Get Over It" comes out in January and stars Kirsten Dunst, Ben Foster and Sisqo -- Sisqo and I do a duet of the Earth, Wind and Fire song "September."

Question: When will your next album come out? Also, do you think this album is better then the last one?

Vitamin C: My new album is out on January 30, and I think the new album is much better than the last record. It has more songs that are danceable and melodic...I just like it better. It's a much more fun record; it's a bit sexier and it shows a bit more of my personality.

Question: Vitamin C, where did you get your name from?

Vitamin C: C is short for Colleen and I wanted a name that was familiar and positive.

Question: Hey ....what's up...are you single?

Vitamin C: I am single, but I'm dating someone.

Question: How is it to be a star?

Vitamin C: I don't consider myself a star, really. I just feel that I'm really lucky to be able to have a job I really like. Plus I get to have really weird hair, and no one can tell me what I can and cannot wear. Whenever I had regular jobs, I always had a problem with authority. I worked as a waitress. I worked in telemarketing, babysitting...

Question: Where do you like to shop when you aren't out touring?

Vitamin C: I'm a big thrift store shopper. I love them because I look for unique pieces. I shop in NYC all the time. There are tons of great stores here, like Urban Outfitters and Abercrombie. And then the higher end stuff, like Miu Miu; my favorite pants are made by Katayone Adeli. They just fit better than any other pants...she makes the most amazing pants in the world.

Question: Who is you favorite artist in the music business besides youself?

Vitamin C: Probably Bjork. I think she's a tremendous singer and she is so unique and not afraid to be different.

Question: I'm very interested in becoming a singer -- how did you become a singer? What steps did it take to get where you are today?

Vitamin C: I started playing in bands and writing my own songs. I learned a little guitar, bass and drums, enough to write. Then I joined a rock band, continued writing songs and playing out. Then the band broke up and I'd learned a lot, so I decided to try being a solo artist. I love being a solo artist; I like doing the kind of music I'm doing now because I get to perform and dance and write songs people can sing along to. Sometimes I miss the camaraderie of a band.

Question: Do have a lot of fans coming up to you in public areas?

Vitamin C: I change my hair color often enough that I don't always get recognized. But yeah, a lot of people come up. But I have great fans; anyone can come up to me and I don't have a problem with it.

Question: What is your all time favorite movie?

Vitamin C: "Nashville." I think it's just a really interesting movie in terms of sound and improvisiation -- a lot of actors in it wrote their own music. And it's a very character-driven movie -- it's more about people than about a plot. It's a real satire of Americana.

Question: How many more movies do you plan on doing?

Vitamin C: I'd like to continue doing movies. I have three coming out this year. I really enjoy acting because you get to be somebody different.

Vitamin C: Thanks for chatting and listening. I hope to see you all real soon at a show. Rock on!




> From mtv.com

Vitamin C, whose single "Graduation (Friends Forever)" became a staple at high school commencements this past spring, has now been immortalized as a plastic doll.

The former Eve's Plum frontwoman has teamed with Mattel Inc. for a new line of Vitamin C dolls that feature multicolored hair extensions based on the singer-actress' colorful style and appearance.

The dolls will arrive in stores nationwide over the next few weeks, and Vitamin C (real name Colleen Fitzpatrick) thinks that her miniature match accurately captures her whimsical, carefree nature.

"It's certainly flattering to have a doll created in your image that truly reflects your playfulness and personality," Vitamin C said in a statement heralding the new doll line. "Now, to have the opportunity to bring the persona of Vitamin C to life as a doll that fans can own is a dream come true."

Vitamin C also commented on the doll's colored curls, noting that "for me, hair is like an accessory. I match it to the way I'm feeling."

The singer, whose success should have her feeling pretty well, is currently in the studio working on her second album, the follow-up to her 1999 self-titled effort that has sold over 631,000 copies to date, according to SoundScan.

Vitamin C has collaborated with producer Dallas Austin and songwriters Pam Shane (Christina Aguilera's "Genie In A Bottle") and Billy Steinberg (Madonna's "Like A Virgin") for the record, tentatively due out later this year.

Fitzpatrick, who had roles in such films as John Waters' "Hairspray," "The Mambo Kings," and "Higher Learning," has also spent part of her summer co-starring in a pair of movies.

The first flick, the vampire-themed "Wes Craven Presents: Dracula," is due out on December 21, while the second, "Getting Over Allison," which also features Sisqo (see "Sisqo Takes On 'Allison' For First Feature Film"), is set for release on January 19, 2001.


—David Basham


> From mtv.com

Going to the prom and the movies might sound like a rather unremarkable itinerary for this time of year, but it's newsworthy if you're Vitamin C.

The pop songstress, who's currently riding high with the timely hit "Graduation (Friends Forever)," will head to New Jersey's James Caldwell High School in West Caldwell on June 9 for that school's prom.

"I am playing a prom, which is going to be quite fun," Vitamin (or is it Ms. C) explained to the MTV Radio Network recently. JCHS, which won a recent contest on the singer's official Web site, will be playing host to he singer. "I haven't been to a prom in many years and didn't go to my own, so that should be really fun. [RealAudio]

After the prom, Vitamin plans to spend the summer working on a new album and filming her part in the upcoming Miramax flick, "Dracula 2000." After the film wraps shooting this summer, it is expected to hit theaters before year's end.

Vitamin C will also hit toy stores this summer in the form of a "hair activity doll" that gives you the chance to change the color of its hair (hence "hair activity"). The doll is expected to arrive in July or August.

—Robert Mancini,with additional reporting by Roger Coletti